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A Moral Response

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Astrid Gonzalez

Argumentative Second Draft

A Moral Response

Atul Gawande, in his article “Hellhole”, states that “human beings are social creatures” (525). As a result, our prison system should not allow, under any circumstances, solitary confinement as a way to provide discipline or prevent violence. Isolation can certainly be classified as torture because of all the psychological and physical damage that it can cause to humans. However, has our generation really “countenanced legalized torture”, or are we just demanding justice for the victims of rapists and murderers? (538)

Dr. Gawande is one of those persons who believe that prisons are rehabilitation centers for civilians who need certain social skills to adapt to society. The question is: can dangerous criminals be rehabilitated? Westley Allan Dodd was sentenced to execution for the torture-murder of three boys in 1993. During a court brief, he stated: “If I do escape, I promise you I will kill and rape again, and I will enjoy every minute of it”. What can we expect from a person who finds pleasure in torturing and killing children? Can he be rehabilitated? Andrew Vachss wrote in his article “Sex Predators Can’t Be Saved”: “None can be rehabilitated, since they cannot return to a state that never existed”.

Solitary confinement is nothing less than part of the punishment that inmates deserve. It is a way to pay their debt to society and it is successful in that it protects innocent civilians from monsters like Westley Dodd. After all, God Himself says it in His word: “Blows and wounds cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the inmost being.” Dr. Gawande claims that Britain should be a model for our country. They decided to give privileges to their most dangerous prisoners and they obtained impressive results. However, by doing this, we would be rewarding them for their misdeeds. Those DO are “objectively horrifying” and “intrinsically cruel” (530). Additionally, it is not logical to raise college tuition and make budget cuts in education, so that the government can use our tax dollars to put a serial killer through college. Instead, the government should invest in security for schools to protect our children from those criminals who are still free.

According to Dr. Gawande’s own words, the use of solitary confinement in our nation’s prisons is causing “the detriment of America’s moral


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