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Statement of purpose

Essay 1: Describe a situation, preferably work connected, where you have played an important leadership role. How does this fact make evident your managerial potential?

Almost 30% of dismissals, loss of a considerable number of clients and projects, a qualified labor force, but minimized, confused and morally hit by its coworkers’ s leave; tasks concentration in few hands, unproductive working periods and a country’s precarious economic situation. Two years ago, these elements characterized the general state of the firm where I work. As its operations manager, I realized that the company survival -very much respected national and internationally, jobs conservation and the possibility of redirecting our objectives, were at stake.

I found myself in the middle of a dual compromise: with the company and my work teams trained and led by me, many times. In those conditions, the duty of “encouraging the survivors” belonged to me. I knew there were deep differences among factions. Those who remained asked for help, anxious to re- gain confidence in the organization and its directives, with mutual respect, competence and integrity. I had to work hard with them in the following months. For a long time, I arrived first and left the last. I even offered myself to carry out minor jobs that kept me busy most weekends.

As a rule, I met each section team. Together, we reflected upon the finished project and the coming ones and, the most important issue: the company’s future. In those meetings, possible directions and strategies emerged, worth to consider. They represented one of very few opportunities to deal with long-term future, and this meant an enriched experience for everybody. I struggled to give participation to employees and take into account their contributions. I preached that if my collaborators had an interest in an idea and took part in its expression, they would work with more zeal and dedication to win through and to demonstrate its viability.

On the other hand, my supervisors observed the process and asked for permanent reports. Luckily, they let me act independently. They authorized some experiments. This allowed me to support every good idea coming from any of my subordinates. Manageable size unites were created, small enough to let its members answer for each one and to evaluate their adaptation to new circumstances. We discussed several ways of personnel’s incentives; and the most valuable consisted in recognizing the importance of everybody’s effort. This single fact produced an impulse that strengthened both individuals and the team.

At applying a great deal of suggested strategies, the company began to rise little by little: new projects showed and some clients returned. I noted a


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