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La Navidad- introduccion.

in The United States the festive season traditionally begins on the fourth Thursday in November, just after the Thanksgiving holiday wait it to the arrival of Santa Claus with her gifts

1-Papa Noel: ( SANTA CLAUS)

In 1863 He was given the name Santa Claus and bore the red suit, pipe, and his reindeer and sleigh. He is considered a tradition wait for his arrival with gifts while the children sleep. place him on a table crackers and milk as a thank.

2-Celebración Según Estados Más Revelantes. (According to the United Celebration More revealing.)

Now Christmas celebrations vary greatly between regions of the United States, because of the variety of nationalities which have settled in it. Early European settlers brought many traditions to the United States

In Pennsylvania, Accustomed to creating scenery below the tree

In Alazca Children take a star from house to house singing the Villains

In Washington D.C., a huge, spectacular tree is lit ceremoniously when the President presses a button and turns on the tree's lights.

In Boston the people singing the Villains accompanied by bells

In California, Santa Claus sweeps in on a surfboard.

3-La Decoración y adornos en casa ( The decoration ornaments in the house)

In the final days leading to December 25, small evergreen trees are seen to be established in every home and beautifully decorated with colored lights, tinsel, angels, stars and bright ornaments. The exterior of almost every house and the adjoining shrubbery is adorned with strands of electric lights.

4- Cena de navidad ( The Christmas Dinner )

The Christmas dinner in the U.S. includes turkey or ham, potatoes and pie. Cakes are of course, a must for the occasion. this dinner is to share with family and friends traveling around that time ..For remember a nice meeting


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