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Brown has long been one of the most difficult Ivy League schools to enter. Yet the closest Mr. [Joe Paterno] got to law after graduation is an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Brown, and the closest he got to English is an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Gettysburg College. He has spent the 33 years since graduation as a football coach - all with Penn State.

Then there are the team's four specialists - a punter, a placekicker, a kick returner and a captain for the kickoff and punt squads. Two of these players are seniors with high academic averages, and their majors are tough ones: civil engineering and biology. Another has just selected a major in social work. The fourth has not yet chosen a major, usually done at the end of the sophomore year.

None of the 26 athletes is majoring in physical education. Science and engineering majors form a small minority (3 out of 26) among the players' choices. Perhaps one reason is that such subjects require long hours of laboratory work. Often it must be done in the afternoon, making it difficult for athletes to mix training schedules with course programs. Unlike runners and swimmers, who can train by themselves to a certain extent, football players have to practice as a group. The three Penn State players who chose these relatively difficult scientific majors have maintained high academic averages, and so has the lone prelaw major


HDR's Fisheries Design Center, based in Springfield, provided civil, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering, fisheries biology, and environmental science for the design and construction of this facility dedicated to ensuring the conservation of Florida's four native species of black bass.


Herbstritt's grandfather, Thomas Herbstritt, of St. Marys, Pa., said yesterday that his grandson, who grew up on a farm in Bellefonte in Central Pennsylvania and who did his undergraduate work in civil engineering, biochemistry and molecular biology at Penn State, was "a good boy. He never smoked, never drank. He did the best he could."

Thomas Herbstritt and his wife, Mary, were plagued by a solitary question. "We don't know why," Mary said. "Why did he pick on [Jeremy Herbstritt]?" his grandfather asked.




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