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Carta de presentación.


Dear Sir

In reply to your advertisement in the newspaper, I should like to apply for the sales position.

As you can see from the enclosed curriculum vitae I have worked for showrooms for large construction company

I thank you for considering my application and hope you will grant me an appointment for an interview.

Yours faithfully,

Luis Alejandro Murgas

Enc. curriculum vitae.


Dear Ms Miller:

Ms. Carl Smith, th, president of international business. has told me that you have an vacancy for a secretary and I believe I have the necessary qualifications for the position.

I had five years of training in international business, as also in finance.

my internship, the make on the two best bank in the country, taking great responasability in the portfolio of business

You can reach me at 3188851206 any day after 2:30 p.m. May I have a personal interview at your convenience?

Sincerely yours,

Luis Alejandro Murgas M.



303 Milestone Street

Bogota,FL 33100


I had read in the issue of Friday, June 7 "THE HERALD" that your company is looking for a student in professional practice, in the division of projects, one of the most important areas of your company.

The enclosed resume summarizes my experiance. It also includes the names of three persons from whom you can get information about my abilities and merits.

I would talk to you in person. You can reach me at 3188851206



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