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Assessor: Good morning, thank you for calling to Transilvania Hotel. This is Claudia speaking. How can I help you?

(Gud morning zenkiu for coling tu Transilvania jotel. Dis is Claudia spiking. Jau can ai jelpiu?)

Customer: Good morning, Cristina is speaking and I´d like to talk with the sales manager because I had some problems in the hotel you offered me.

(gud morning, Cristina is spiking and aid laik to tok with de seils manager bicous ai jad soum problems in de jotel iu oferd mi)

Assessor: Could you tell me what problems you had?

(cud iu tell mi uat porblems iu jad?)

Customer: At first, I didn´t like your services in the hotel at all… You said it was a double room but it wasn´t. It was a single one.

(At ferst, ai dident laik iur servisis in the jotel arol… iu said it uas a dabol rum bat it uasent. It was a singol uan)

Assessor: Excuse me, Madam but we had a problem with the system and it broke down after you did your reservation.

(Exquiusmi, madam bat ui jad a problem with de sistem and it broukdaun aefter iu did iur reserveichon)

Customer: Also, the food in the restaurant was awful. I got sick.

(olso, de fud in de restaurant uas ofol, ai gat sick.)

Assessor: I apologize again for the problems caused. In this situation I need you come to the office and here we´ll give you some money because of problems.

(ai apoloyais eguein for de problems casd. In dis situechion ai nid iu com tu de ofis and jiar uil guifiu som moni bicous ov problems)

Customer: Thanks you so much, I´ll be there tomorrow.

(Zenkiu sou mach, al bi der tumorro)

Assessor: You have a good day!

(iu jaf a gud dei)


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