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"A man's paradise is another man's living hell." (Lamb Of God)

'' I just wish she knew that she did not have to be alone.'' (Stick To Your Guns

'' The darkness inside my chest is growing and it will never stop before denigrating my eyes.'' (Modern Day Escape)

'' I've seen this road a thousand times, and I can not look back.'' (Architects)

  '' I keep losing sleep wondering the words that you could not say.'' (Of Mice & Men)

'' Open your mind before your mouth.'' (Motionless In White)


'' Where are all in my life?'' (Miss May I)

'' Where were you when I needed you?'' (For The Fallen Dreams)

'' I hate the person you become and what you put me through.'' (Like Moths To Flames)

'' You have lied many times, nobody cares.'' (Lamb Of God)

'' I said I love you ... she said goodbye.'' (Parkway Drive)

'' Goodbyes are meaningless when you know that forever.'' (Your Demise)

'' My hands were tied, but my heart was not.'' (Your Demise)

'' One day there will be no worries, no more pain, everything will end and all our progress will finally cease.'' (Suicide Silence)

'' Close your eyes is nothing but surrender.'' (Heaven Shall Burn)

'' Everything you've built is in ruins, all you loved was destroyed.'' (Blessthefall)

'' I'm tired of always make the same mistakes.'' (Dream On, Dreamer)

'' If you give me a hand, we can break down the barriers.'' (Sonic Syndicate)

'' If she could only see what I can see ...'' (Asking Alexandria)

'' I gave everything I had, until there is nothing and now you act like I was just a weight on her back.'' (A Day To Remember)

'' I just want to be here in the dark, so I will not see his face.'' (Hills Have Eyes)

'' I do not wanna hate you, but you have destroyed my heart.'' (Trivium)

'' Do not threaten me with what you think I feel if you could read my mind, you'd be in tears.'' (A Day To Remember)

'' I have something here that is worth fighting for.'' (The Ghost Inside)

'' God, what have you done to me?'' (Scarlett O'Hara)

'' I gave you 100 chances, you gave me 100 reasons to hate you.'' (Five Finger Death Punch)

"The life you live is now rotten and cold." (Whitechapel)

"Even the wisest men follow a path of failure." (Whitechapel)

"There is no feeling that compares to back home." (Stick To Your Guns)

"Just because I'm going to let me forget you." (Stick To Your Guns)

"For what it's worth, I will not give up." (Haste The Day)

then I put more sentences :)

"That love between us healed my pain." (Eyes Set To Kill)

"Stay confident and you'll walk alone." (As I Lay Dying)

"Loneliness is better than a life without an attitude estimable." (As I Lay Dying)

"I love you, you're my everything." (As I Lay Dying)

"Words fall dead." (Of Mice & Men)

"I keep losing sleep by the words you could not say." (Of Mice & Men)

"I'm just a man with a heart and sinful hands." (August Burns Red)

"I have my hopes, I am a fighter." (Blessthefall)

"Even if you try, you can not escape me." (Asking Alexandria)

"Days and nights will come and go, and I'm proud of all the things I did." (The Ghost Inside)

"Through frustration and loneliness I built you never will." (Bleeding Through)

"We all lose in the end." (Bleeding Through)

"I'm not in this world to live up to their expectations." (Texas In July)

"We are still living in cold blood and feel nothing." (Protest The Hero)

"You're vain, you affect all mankind." (Suicide Silence)

"Violence: natural response in a society whose advances are limited to their new technologies." (Lamb Of God)

"We are all marching silently with open hands for global enslavement." (Job For A Cowboy)

"My hopes


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