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Francisco Marquez

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Francisco Marquez

For other uses of this term, see Francisco Márquez (disambiguation) .

Francisco de Borja Márquez Benito Jesus Paniagua( Guadalajara , October 8 of 1834 January - Mexico City ,September 13 of 1847 ) was one of six cadets from the Military College that are now known as the Young Heroes.

Although some contemporary authors, speaking of the young hero say is unknown the exact date of his birth, probably in the city of Guadalajara . According to data published by the historian tapatío Ricardo Lancaster-Jones in 1947, three can be checked the exact date of birth of this important personage, who was born on October 8 of 1834 and was baptized the following October 18 of that year, at the Parish Church of the Tabernacle of Guadalajara, Jalisco with the names Francisco de Borja Jesús Benito , godparents were his maternal grandparents, Jerome and Mary Prudence Paniagua Falcon. went on to live to Mexico City where he received confirmation, and its sponsors, the future General Leonardo Marquez and his mother Micaela Paniagua. 1 In his record of admission to Military College, mentioned that his mother, Micaela Paniagua, was married on that date with the Captain of Cavalry Francisco Ortiz.

He entered the Military College on January 14 of 1847 in the first Company of Cadets in June and during the Battle of Chapultepec , was a member of the same company of cadets. A note in his personnel file states that his body with multiple gunshot wounds, was found beside the body of Juan Escutia , east of the hill. He was the youngest cadet six cadets who died defending the Chapultepec Castle during the U.S. invasion of Mexico .

Currently, the name of Francisco Marquez Paniagua is inscribed on the list of Characters Illustrious Jalisco in the official website of the State Government.


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