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this is the last day that I write you. in this moment you are a child and you can not understand the situation, but we don't going to see us.

I want that you known that you are my best prize and the light of my soul, Im so hurted because I have to tell you this things and say you goodbye.

when you borned, Iwas converted in the man more happy of the world. now you will going to be the man of the house and you must lean to all the people when you can help them.

maybe you don't understand, but when you can become a father you will going to understand all.

it hurts me not to see you grow, when you finish each level in school, I wish you to study at the same school as me. but hopy You take your decisions, I hope you become a man of success and understandable to people, I hope you care to be able to see your children grow and your grandchildren.

I also think that it hurts you'll see when you break your heart for the first time, or when you finish college or when drink alcohol for the first time. also when you go to ask your girlfriend, or when you get married, I am very sad that my grandchildren will not know.

I remember when I held you in my arms for the first time and you looked at me, I gave you a kiss and I knew I'd be a man of great heart and that would commit the same mistakes.

.. I need you much right now and although I have much everything I leave everything.


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