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La Noche De Tlatelolco

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The night of Tlatelolco.

October 2nd of 1968 is the date that the president Díaz Ordaz ordered to the Mexican army attacked the students at la Plaza de las Tres Culturas; according to the official numbers, they killed about 35 000 students at least. That day was the most terrible student massacre in Mexico.

This book has a compilation of testimonies about that student massacre; it recounts the thoughts and the feelings of all the people who lived that event, that know the causes of that massacre and the pros and the cons of this occurrence.

There’s a lot of secrets about this event, someone’s about the students, someone’s, about the army and someone’s about the government, whatever, this event show us the repression of that years and the wishes of have a right to be heard.

There’s not any principal character because is a compilation of testimonies of a lot of people (students, teachers, neighbors, etc) who play an important role in this event.

After this event in short includes antecedents and consequences, all this by way of opinions, testimonies collected from September, October and November 1968, two years later.

Personally explained the causes of the movement and the opinion of each of the respondents, from his point of view very particular.

It tells how things were going and there are stories that describe how they saw their comrades bleeding on the floor and tell us that the massacre lasted over half an hour and the horror they felt in between.

The atmosphere was quiet despite the police, the army and riot police had made a great show of force. Boys and girls students distributing leaflets, collections were taken in boats by the acronym CNH, sold newspapers and posters, and, on the third floor of the building, as well as journalists covering domestic sources and foreign photographers had sent correspondents to report on the Games Olympic would start ten days later

These are not usually pass judgment, but to collect the experience itself and its reflection in the minds of many. The testimonies were faithfully transcribed: the words vibrate on the page with texture and oral tone.


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