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Nineteen Eighty-Four

Throughout George Orwell’s novel “1984” we receive an implied message against governmental control. But ¿Is governmental control something bad? And if it is, ¿Is there any situation were it is not a bad thing?

¿What do we need a government for? A society needs a certain system to function equally and according to the preferences of that society, this is determined through a certain system such as voting. A government is a group of rulers that sees that the system chosen by the people functions, so that citizens can achieve things in that society. Also a government has certain responsibilities with the people, like providing safety, freedom, justice, etc. To achieve this the government has to exert a certain amount of control over its citizens, but only a controlled amount.

A government should exert control over his citizens; there is no doubt in that, but the government shouldn’t use that control to benefit it self, but to make the lives of its citizens better, by making them safer, equal, free, etc. The government should use the power they have, to punish those who fail to obey the basic rules of society, and/or exclude them from society. ¿Is propaganda something acceptable in a government? No, governments shouldn’t use propaganda to make the people believe or accept a certain idea because people are, by natural law, free to choose what they want to do and how they want to do it, the government shouldn’t alter this freedom by changing their way of thinking to a certain idea that is convenient for the government. There are certain cases in which this basic ideals could be broken, an this should only be done in extreme cases and to help the society in a time of great need, or to save the society from an oncoming event, for example, wars that threaten the citizens of the nation, economic crisis that could end a lot of jobs, etc.

One example of control is the wars on the US were the government deceived the people into going to war with fake information, and a lot of propaganda, if the truth would of came out about what the us government was really doing the citizens of that country wouldn’t have agreed in this proposal, in this case, the government of the US was acting for his own benefit.

For a well-organized government to maintain the equilibrium between control and freedom, it needs to be well informed, but knowledge to a certain extend would be to much, it would mean overwhelming people, taking away their own self by pretending they are something they’re not, a government should keep an eye out in public places but leave those private places like homes, to let people have their own intimacy. Also if necessary keep those individuals who have broken the laws of society onto a certain extend, under surveillance even in their private places, but after some time reduce that surveillance into public places alone, and re integrate


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