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.- Escribe el verbo entre paréntesis en "past simple" o "past continuous" según corresponda:

Last Saturday when my brother arrived, I ________ TV (to watch)

The police arrested the murderer when he ________ an old woman (to attack)

My uncle ________ all his fortune playing in casinos (to lose)

Yesterday it rained all day and the river almost ________ its banks (to burst)

Last night when I left the party two gangs of hooligans ________ (to fight)

Last Friday my father ________ to Paris to visit my brother who works there (to go)

They ________ the new bridge in time for the Olympic Games (to finish)

My girlfriend didn't come with us to the cinema because she ________ (to study)

When the teacher entered the classroom the students ________ very loudly (to speak)

That terrible accident ________ yesterday evening (to happen)

Last night when the thieves ________ into my house I was sleeping (to break)

My parents ________ in the Cathedral of Seville 40 years ago (to get married)

The Socialist Party ________ the last elections and is now in power (to win)

The other day when I ________ tennis I hurt my leg (to play)

Philip ________ at home in very strange circumstances (to die)

Susan ________ Law in the university of Madrid (to study)

Yesterday when you came home I ________ the dog (to walk)

The plane ________ into the mountains due to the weather conditions (to crash)

He ________ late at the station and missed his train (to arrive)


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