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1. The war has been going on for tree years. Many people in Halifax were really scared, nervous, and also they where really watchful because the Germans submarines German submarines lurk in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Germans want to destroy soldiers and supplies. The soldiers were really eager to board the ships and go to the war but the soldiers that came from the war were really bad some without legs, and arms. Also all look sad and broken.

The war had created a lot of business in Halifax and during that year the economy was well. For example, Penelope’s father with the war has improved his business because the buildings go on. Many ships came to Halifax to go to the war to of the ships were Imo and Mont Blanc.

2. The two groups of victims of discriminations are Irish people and women. Penelope She has red hair, and green eyes. She doesn’t like to be Irish because she is different and the people don’t like her because she is pretty. Her grandma never approved the relationship with her mom and dad because her dad was Irish and the Irish people were discriminated.

The women were discriminated against because most of the people think that the women don’t need to work or go to school but Penelope’s dad think that education is the first thing before all because if you have a preparation you can work and doesn’t matter if you’re a women. Penelope’s dad thoughts that she needs to go to Montreal to lived with her grandmother and start a new life there.

3. The Halifax explosion was Thursday, December 6, 1917 at five after nine. Two ships hit in the narrowest part of Halifax harbour. That date two ships hits in the narrowest part of Halifax harbour one was called Imo heading from New York. The second one was the Mont Blank that ship was loaded with explosive materials destined for the war. The people in Halifax think that the Germans caused the explosion. The people were going to Citadel Hill because there the people were praying and some sung to the heavens and other people were worming themselves.

4. The consequences of the explosion in Halifax for the people were that some were without legs and arms, stumbled, and broken. For example, penny’s head had a cut on her head. The physic look of the city was terrible. The explosion had doe with cobblestones, telephone wires, and churches and schools. For example, the cobblestones were broken; some houses were on fire and other smouldering or engulfing. People afterwards were crying, and sad because they lost their houses and they don’t had where to go. For example, penny’s family build a new one but other people that were poor they don’t have were to live.


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