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El Arte De La Guerra

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The art of war

The art of war written by Sun Tzu, who was an Chinese military general. This book was written around 2,500 years ago with the purpose of in lighting army generals about the rules and strategies that they should take into account to achieve victory. Although his teaching can also be really helpful for CEO´s, line managers, etc of the corporate world for efficient strategic management. Assuring them success when present in an market with competitors.

Throughout the book Sun Tzu talks about many strategies to conquer success, but from my point of view there four are strategies that can be really associated to the business world. The first one is: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand at doubt”. This sentence in few words tells us that they key to success is to know your and your competitors strengths and weakness. Once discovered use them to your fullest capacity.

Moreover, another lesson learnt was to divide your competitor. This means divert your enemy´s attention while you are making your strategic moves. For example, when a company is developing a new product it is good to pivot the attention of its competitors by using strategical moves.

In addition, a strategist should take into account that his aim should be to conquer all the industry not only a part of it. And if a market is already congested with too many products or companies, then it´s his duty is to find a new market.

Furthermore, the human factor is also one of the most the important strategies taught in the book. A strategist (CEO or line manager) should try to unite the team (employees) to act according to the mission and vision of the company. The secret is to keep your army united and your enemy divided.

In conclusion, from this book we can obtain many strategies to achieve success or competitive advantage, but there are few such as following your leader, adapting your strategies depending on the state of affairs, taking into account the geographical situation, having a sincere and witty commander, and following correct methods and disciplines can be considered as the most important ones.

Dissertation on The Art of War

Author: Sun Tzu

Done By: Lavina Mirwani Mirwani


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