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había una vez un pez

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) ordered the immediate release of French citizen Florence Marie Louise Cassez Crepin, to resume the earlier draft of Minister Arturo Zaldivar and grant an injunction outright that renders the sentence for 60 years imprisonment.

The discussion in the Supreme Court radically changed the project Minister Olga Sanchez because four of the ministers were against granting an injunction to effects. During the discussion, the ministers Arturo Zaldivar and the new Minister Alfredo Gutierrez proposed direct grant under Florence Cassez to determine that their human rights were violated and that the so-called 'TV mount' influenced the legal process.

Given the position of the ministers, Olga Sanchez decided at the end of the session dispose of your project and propose that it be given the direct protection in March 2012 to establish the Minister Arturo Zaldivar.

In proposing this, the minister president Jorge Mario Pardo called a vote and three of the ministers voted in favor of granting the protection to Cassez outright, and thus the country's highest court ordered his immediate release.

It is expected that within hours Florence Cassez for it to be released and the French embassy is already doing the paperwork with the authorities of the Criminal Court and Tepepan, in Mexico City.


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