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Homemade food has increased its level of acceptance throughout the world . For this

reason we want to respond to the necessity of this target group of clients who demand good

and efficient service with the right price and why not a healthy menu to delight their taste.

Therefore, we have decided to offer this kind of service in "HOMEMADE" the restaurant

which accomplishes all the clients ´expectations. To set this business we have searched for

the clients ´necessities and we realize the food market doesn´t offer this kind of comfortable

service online , which can help the client choose from our wide varied menu , then order

and as soon as they get to the restaurant their order would be served. Not only the service

is efficient when the clients search for their menu they can see the number of calories they

would be fed on.

Then as you can see, this restaurant offers what the clients need good service which is

efficient. Besides, good quality food which despite the fact that it is healthy, it mustn´t be

plain . To illustrate, you should have the right combination of the different food groups to

have nourishing meals. Furthermore it doesn´t mean it must offer expensive food. We will

offer good quality for the right price.

Moreover , our restaurant' s team expects to set this business to fill the clients´expectation

about what modern service can provide them with good, fast service and excellent food

quality with reasonable price

II. Key Strategic Components of the business




To ensure that our customers have a fast service giving them the opportunity and facility

to buy their meal in our website. To make our restaurant a comfortable, clean and safe place.

To provide that our customers feel like home offering them healthy food (breakfast, lunch,

and dinner) using only quality ingredients like home food in an environment filled with

respect, love and professionalism.

Product/Service:“Offer healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.”“… giving them the

opportunity and facility to buy their meal in our website.”

Public Image: fast service. To make our restaurant a comfortable, clean and safe place. An

environment filled with respect, love and professionalism

Technology: using only quality ingredients like home food. Our website page.

Market: Our customers.


In 15 year (later of 5 years, when we finally will achieve to positioning our business,

and 5 years more to open more restaurants in Quito, Cuenca, Manta, Salinas) we want to be

recognized in whole Ecuador and in our neighbor countries: Colombia, Peru, for our fast,

respectful and professional service.

Motto & logo

Fast, good, and healthy

Our logo represents the service we offer healthy food as if it were prepared at home which

is offered in a modern restaurant. In our motto fast means you can order online and we avoid

waste time.Good represents the quality of all our dishes and healthy food for its right number

of calories in a balanced diet.

SWOT analysis


• Avoid the annoying waiting time

by using a web page to order your

food and book your table.

• We have free parking for our


• Our distribution and layout make

you feel as home.

• Promos: Birthdays, appetizers, etc



• We are aroundbusiness people

• The tight schedule of people.


• We don’t have a big place for many


• We don’t have home delivery


• We can’t have a lot of publicity

because of our capital.

• We do not have many suppliers.

• People aren´t accustomed to use

web page to buy their food.

• Web pages of other restaurants.

• Same services: free parking,



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