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Last year we went to Mazatlan and we had a lot of fun. We got stunned by the beauty of the place, especially the beach. It was a hot and humid weather that was a little annoying at first, but then, we just forgot it because of the freshness of the sea water. Mazatlan is more visited than El Paso in summer.

The hotel was too big and we loved it because it had a lot of pools. Some were littler than another, but we enjoyed everyone. We took a lot of photos of our trip and the landscape because it was prettier than our city’s and we wanted take the opportunity of having amazing photos of the beautiful sunsets. We sunbath

We ate seafood and tropical fruits in the hotel’s restaurant and they were really tasty. We did night walks by the side of the beach and we visited aquariums. There were a lot of types of fish, dolphins, turtles and sharks. We went to and Aquatic Park too, where we played and swam and we had a lot of fun.

El Paso is a city with a dry weather, so, it’s hot too. But Mazatlan is hotter than El Paso. We went to Cielo Vista Mall and we had a good time. We bought too many clothes that we liked because they were really pretty and cheap. Clothes and other things are cheaper there than in Mazatlan. We bought chocolates and candies too, and some shoes for us and our families.

We stayed two days in a fabulous hotel with a pool but it wasn’t as cool as Mazatlan’s, we observed that El Paso is cleaner than the beach, and we noticed too that is more organized than Mazatlan, it made the city really comfortable. We went to the zoo too and it was very interesting because we saw many types of animals that we didn’t know.

El Paso’s streets were really large; they were larger than Mazatlan’s because Mazatlan was not as big as El Paso. El Paso was more populated than Mazatlan too and its streets were more transited.

We think Mazatlan is better than El Paso because we had a better time there. He had more fun than when we were in El Paso and we thought the place was more beautiful. But El Paso is cool too because we could have a lot of things on a really low price, there were so many discounts and we enjoyed our time there.


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