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El Perfume

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Review: Perfume

From: Patrick Süskind

Plot of the play:

This tells the story of a man who is born in one of the poorest parts of Paris and has a very special gift that is to be able to perceive odors, even though he has a characteristic odor. Know a good perfumer, the best of Paris, with whom she has trained and with which he realizes that attract female fragrances. With that decided to create the perfect perfume not only the elements that the perfumer had shown him but he wanted something else and do your search with the fragrances detected in some women and it begins to kill them.

About the Author: The writer Patrick Süskind was born on March 26, 1949 in the Bavarian town of Ambach, Germany.

He attended university in Munich to study medieval and modern history. He completed his training in the French commune of Aix-en-Provence. He ended up seduced by the world of letters, an area that was discovered by his father, writing and Wilhelm Emanuel Süskind translator. He began his career as a writer through a theatrical monologue called "The Bass" and was premiered in Munich in 1981. The work came to offer 500 performances, which made it the German theatrical setting longer in theaters. But his greatest success would come in 1985 with the publication of his book "Perfume" which soon became a bestseller, was translated into over 45 languages and made into a film in 2006.

Other titles from this author are "The Dove" (1987), "The Story of Mr. Sommer" (1991), "A fight and Other Stories" (1996), "about love and death" (2006).

About the play:It was a great success since its publication in the eighties. As for his argument as original as the version presented in the work.

Although not a large book is very detailed, the descriptions are made very carefully and fully introduce you to the era.

The descriptions are in this novel are not just visual elements but we described the odors to be telling in the text thoroughly.

Actually, this novel is not the type police described as only one of the murders of the victims, and the rest are told so skeptical.

This novel is suspenseful as the way of writing the author does not cause fear, but you deep into the subject asiéndote feel part of history and leaves us with the curiosity of wanting to know what will happen, so I discarded the option of it is a horror novel.

The end that presents the history is tragic and sad. This is also where he explains how the main character manages to mimic the smell of a man to be like everyone else.

Critical staff work:

I really think one of the best literary


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