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I decided to make a trip to la Bocana Beach, which one is a beautiful beach in Buenaventura city. I saw several places around it, but none captivate me as it did. I went through valleys and mountains, but finally I found this wonderful place for my mental spa, I like go to the beach, but it is not really for swimming, it is for relaxing and meditation.

I arrived to the beach on a majestic and sunny day where the blue sky was painted by white cotton clouds, which ones ran around the imposing sky toward the horizon. My eyes scanned the endless clouds formations and remembered my childhood when I played find ways; definitely I got the right place.

I walked the white and warm sands, which ones burned my feet with fervent heat, black rocks emerging from the sandy soil, they venturing into the calm and transparent water, which invited you to swim into it, the wind caressed the water, and the waves were soft and serene with a quiet fro, singing a soft hiss of the foam to reach the shore.

More to the distance could see the beautiful coastal homes; exquisite, brave, and calm like drops of paint on a painting; their semi pyramidal roofs pointed skyward, those were superimposed on beautiful triangles rectangles, the distance between houses was a neighbor and to talk to each other had to come by boat or Jet Ski.

The coast vegetation could no miss in that paradise; I could break on a hammock, seeing the beautiful and tall palms; they were the queens of the beach, their height were impressive as their intense green. The palms contracted with the big blue sky and the crystalline water of the sea, so I sat down to drink a cold coconut water, while the landscape delighted my senses.

I had a really good time there; I could relax as I always dreamed. I could interact with the fresh smelling of that paradise, enjoying everything around me. That is what you really need when you want some peace for you. I wish togo back to this attractive place, because it charm me.


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