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1 Which of the following statements expreses the main idea of the text?

R - Stores are fine recreations.

2 Which of the following ideas is included in the text?

R - Good readers live the write's work.

The octopus is often cast as a villainous monster in adventure movies. It is said to hide in dark places, waiting for unsuspecting divers to pull them to their deaths. In reality, the octopus is not a fearsome monster at all, rather it is an intelligent, timid and very interesting animal.

The octopus is not nearly as aggressive as it's close reality, the tenarmed squid. One octopus will indeed attack, and even sometimes cat another octopus that enters it's Territory, but divers report that it will usually try to avoid contact with man. Interestingly enough, however, octopi in captivity can become, very friendly with and will human company rather that avoid it.

Octopi are sometimes playful and clever. A naughty laboratory specimen waited for the technicians to leave the laboratory to make nightly trips to a nearby tank to eat fish. The technicians were mystifíed by the disappearance of the fish until they caught the octopus on one of its nightly raids.

Far from being a monster to be feared, the octopus is another of the interesting members of nature.

Squid ----- a marine mollusk with a long body and the arms are and the mounth.

Maughtlymischievous, playful, teasing.

Mystifiedbewllered, perplexed.

3 Which of the following ideas is incluyed in the text?

R = Octopi are considered shy and smart animals.

4 The phrase " The octopus is not nearly as aggressive as it's relative, the tenarmed

squid" means:

R - Octopi become aggressive when they are near squids.

5 Which of the following statements summarizes the article?

R = Octopi are not as perilous or as people think.

6 Please _____ talking to your sister.

R = Promise.

7 Is will not to be many people at the meeting

8 Rachel carne home night yesterday. She's very tired.

9 The secretary should get the documents back before the meeting.

10 Peter is being busy with that book for the last three days.

11 Frank cant't remember when he recesived the gift

12 Carol is the least interested in seeing Jerry. She hates him.

13 Strawberries are the more delicious fruit. I love them.

14 Tom has a few friends because he is extremely timid.

15 1 felt few sick when the plane landed.

16 1 had been written very much in those.

17 I didnt prepare somebody for supper.

18 I have been worked in the plan for two hours when you came.

19 Cindy shouted over hearting the news about her friends.

20 When have you been. Worked before we met.

21 Have you been cut the grass frequently.

22 1 havent done somebody wrong.

23 It wasn't there on ashtray on his table a moment ago.

24 Not none of what you said is true.

25 1 walked from the hill down the beach.

26 Con "a" .

R = Mother travel to Europe three times a year.

27 Con "the"



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