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Historia Del Te Ingles Ead 2

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Creation myths

In one popular Chinese legend Shennong, the legendary Emperor of China1, of agriculture and Chinese medicine, was on a2 about five thousand years ago. The Emperor, known for his wisdom in the ways of3, believed that the4 way to drink water was by first boiling it. One day he noticed some leaves had fallen into his boiling water. The ever inquisitive and5 monarch took a sip of the brew and was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and its restorative6 . Variant of the legend tells that the emperor7 medical properties of various herbs on himself, some of them poisonous, and found tea works as an antidote. Shennong is also mentioned in Lu Yu's Cha Jing, famous early work on the subject.

A Chinese legend, which spread along with Buddhism, Bodhidharma is credited with discovery of tea. Bodhidharma, a semi-legendary Buddhist monk8, of the Chan school of Buddhism, journeyed to China. He became angered because he was falling9 during meditation, so he10 his eyelids. Tea bushes sprung from the spot where his eyelids11 the ground. Sometimes, the second story is retold with Gautama Buddha in place of Bodhidharma In another variant of the first mentioned myth, Gautama Buddha discovered tea when some leaves had fallen into boiling water.

1 inventor/invention

2 journey/journal

3 science/scientist

4 safety/safest

5 curious/curiosity

6 property/properties

7 tried/proved

8 founder/found

9 sleep/asleep

10 cut off/cutting

11 hit/hitting

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