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if this volcano erupted, the world would freeze

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Usa. A hot july day. and some of the 3 million visitors who come to the park every year are watching one of the geysers erupt. Everyone is impressed, but as they chatter excitedly and eat their ice-creams, not many of them realize that they are standin on top of the largest active volcano in the world. Scientists have known for a long time that yellowstone is a volcanic area. but the strange thing is that until the 1960s. none of them could find volcano anywhere in the park. the,, new photos taken by NASA showed the reason why- the whole park, 9,000 square metres of it, is a vilcano!

Volcanoes like Yellowstone are called "supervolcanoes", because the are so huge and dangerous- 1,000 times more powerful than ordinary volcanoes, there are about 40 of them on Earth, but none of them has erupted recently. The most recent was 74,0000 years ago in Indonesia. The last time Yellowstone Park erupted was 640,0000 years ago.

But what would happen if the Yellowstone volcano erupted again today?

here are the events that might follow:


if the volcano erupted, hot ash and rock would shoot up into the air at 250kmph. The cities of Denver and Salt Lake would be destroyed immediately, and 87,000 people would die. Eventually the ash would cover 3/4 of the USA, and drinking water and food crops would be contaminated.


The whole of Europe would be covered by a grey cloud. Sumer would turn to winter, and in some places the sea would freeze. No European country would be able to grow food for four or five years.


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