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Tendencias De Moda

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Trends fashion design 2012/2013

There are several ways to meet future trends, but the officers are laced coolhunting agency that condense the styles expected in annual reports. Therefore, WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), a leading collection of trends, each season displays a preview of the main detail, and for the period 2012/2013, we already have a base of colors. Apparently the pink will appropriate shoes, jackets and prints. To Pantone, the authority number one in terms of color trends worldwide, orange will be the basis of next year. And how come to this conclusion? predictions are done through Internet research, past trends or views in the streets and also showing the entertainment culture.

For collections of clothing and designers draw on common research by these agencies and therefore surely be governed by the following: the practicality of the war inspired clothing, jackets translated into large pockets closed with earth colors, gold accents and tied boots, geometry, through coats and jackets shoulders square but less pronounced than in the previous season, and the ethnic punk, a game that prioritizes regional styles but that fits in a game between the beauty of garments and styles clash with male or coarser.

The prints are not left behind, batik, tie-dye, the animal prints, African style, everything will blend giving visual life to new combinations. In terms of design, Textile View magazine and View2, responsible to feed on future trends through a strong paper publication, and has its own predictions: fashion'll run what you have created through the denim and years' 70, next to surrealism prints, however, some specific characters like the floral print of daisies in women's clothing, and eye-catching details in menswear (semi transparencies, leggings under shorts and layers of different lengths) are clearly among which will bring the spring and winter 2012-2013.


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