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Terapia Del Habla Y Lenguaje De Senas En Ingles

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1. Speech therapy is very important for people. Speech therapy has to do with communication, language, speech disorders and many more. Sign language has gestures, use hands and face to communicate, language and others. The two have in common language and communication that are the most important to talk with people.

2. Speech therapy and language is the treatment for most children with speech and language learning. Sign language is a universal communication system that is based not only on the use of hands but also makes use of facial expressions, body as well as various implements. The speech disabilities are related to problems with the production of sounds, while the problems with learning the language are the difficulties in combining the words to express ideas.

3. The universal sign language was subsequently created in order to expand the existing resources of the language. Classification The universal sign language is classified into 4 basic aspects which are: the manual system, the system gesture - expressive, body system, and system implementation of objects. Children may need speech and language therapy for a variety of reasons: Hearing, Late cognitive (intellectual) or other developmental delays, oral-motor mechanism weak, birth defects such as cleft lip and palate, autism, Down syndrome, Literacy , dysphagia (trouble swallowing), Stuttering, and Voice. Therapy should begin as soon as possible. Children who receive therapy early in their development (those under 3 years old) tend to have better outcomes than those who begin therapy later.

4. Body system is the mode of communication or linguistic expression through the use of various body parts such as feet, shoulders, trunk, and neck except the hands and the different parts of the face. System implementation for the shape of objects language is characterized by the use of specific objects or tools in order to have a much more accurate vocabulary defined broad yet simplified. Communication disorders have the potential to isolate individuals from their social and educational surroundings, it is essential to find appropriate timely intervention. While many speech and language therapists can characterize child language and are part of normal child development, they can cause problems if not help in time. Thus a delay in the initial speech therapist can become a disorder that causes difficulties in the child's learning but it is fast.

5. At din the speech and language therapy and sign language have much in common, as well as communication and language are important in people. I as a future therapist I ayuar people with different ages and have a better future of language and learning. So parents should be careful about that children should have a better life in the physical and emotional language.


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