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Como se puede dar la Metacognicion Ingles etapa 4

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You have to give 5 arguments against

• Junk food makes you fill up slower so you buy more food

• Junk food does not give you any nutrients, it does not give you anything and it takes away energy

• Junk food is usually cheaper, but since you do not fill up quickly it makes you spend more buying more

• It does not have a specific origin, how you do not know how this food was prepared, you can not know what it contains and you can not know if it has any benefit for your health

• These foods severely affect your health and cause weight gain

What would happen to the person of the documentary if he continues eating at the fat food restaurant for 30 days?

-It greatly damages your health, especially cholesterol, increasing your body mass quite well

Do you think fast food I bad for you health?

-Yes, is so bad

Do you think fast food alters your weight? How?

-Yes, fast food is full of fats and calories, eating almost daily is harmful to health

Is your health in danger if you undergo this experiment? Why?

-Of course, this experiment is too excessive, when eating only fast food and nothing else does not help the body

Identify what happened to Spurlock in day 2

- He eats a first Super Size size, it takes about an hour to eat, Almost after finishing eating, her stomach was not good and she ended up vomiting in the parking lot

You are Spurlock, how do you solve this problem that happened to him in day 2?

- Stop eating that, or wait until I feel better from my stomach


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