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"Man´s Brain Lives In The Twentieth Century; The Heart Of Most Men Still Lives In The Stone Ages" ERICH FROMM, 1900 -80

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INTEGRANTS: María del Cisne Hernández, Guillermo Holguín, Bolívar Larrea, Richard Bastidas.

COURSE: 6th – YALE DATE: 01/07/13

“Man´s brain lives in the twentieth century; the heart of most men still lives in the Stone ages” ERICH FROMM, 1900 -80

Reason, is a way of knowing. It is involved with deductive reasoning that human beings can build from their personal experiences. Through reason we can acquire knowledge about the world that goes beyond the immediate evidence of our senses. According to rationalism, reason is a more important source of knowledge than experience, and we can discover important truths about reality by using pure reason. Reason is deeply connected with logic that means that reason is connected with brain.

Emotions, is another way of knowing. It’s relevant to the research for knowledge because they provide us with energy, affects our thinking. And they are sometimes used to justify our beliefs. That’s mean emotions are controlled by our heart. Emotions is not so connected with logic, many of the knowledge that we acquire trough this are more sensitive and personals.

Human science is an area of knowledge which study human’s behavior. It does experiments to try to guess the different attitudes that a human being can take in certain situation and how he solves his own problems. It is important to consider that some phenomena in the human sciences are difficult to measure and this can make it difficult to study scientifically. Because of how we know human being are unpredictable.

This quote can be divided in two parts. The first one: “Man’s brain lives in the twentieth century” which is connected with reason, with the logical part of a person. The second one: “The heart of most men still lives in the Stone ages” is connected with emotions, with the sensitive part. Nevertheless, both are relevant with human science as a way of knowing. In this essay I intend to demonstrate how human beings’ have developed their reason in a quickly way than their emotions. That’s means that their level of reason is not the same as their emotions.

How does reason interview at the moment to take decisions in real life? Many of the most important decision that human beings take in every day are based in our reason. It is true that our reason is our present in every action that we do but for the most important ones we always think about the advantages and disadvantages that we can receive through it. Like for example at the moment to decide between going to study abroad or stay with the girlfriend/boyfriend. In this type of situation most of the teenager get uncertainty. Most of them decide to go study abroad and think about better opportunities. In this situation can be shown how some people have developed their reason, because they are able to analyze logically the advantages that they will receive. Reason implies analyzing


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