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Investigation Of Water Pollution In The Yalvac Basin

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Investigation of water pollution in the Yalvac basin

Into Egirdir Lake, Turkey


The aim of this study is to understand the effects of pollution of anthropogenic origin on water quality in Yalvac Basin, part of the Egirdir Lake catchment. Surface discharge from the basin to the lake is 63 m3/year and underground discharge is 114 m3/year. Possible water pollution is categorized into domestic, industrial and agricultural origin. Domestic and industrial wastewaters, including effluents from leather tanneries are discharged, without being purified, into Yalvac Stream, which flows into Egirdir Lake directly or via the drainage canal. Surface waters flowing into the lake are used in winter for irrigation of agricultural areas. In agricultural areas natural and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used extensively. Lake Egirdir is used as a source of drinking water. Sampling sites were established for surface and underground waters, taking into account the known point sources of pollution. These sites were sampled in May and October of 2002, and analysed chemically. Cr3+ and Pb2+ concentrations exceed standard limits, meaning that pollution caused by effluent from the tanneries is adversely affecting the water quality in the lake.


The Egirdir Lake is one of the most important fresh water in turkey and used as drinking water source of Isparta city. The pollution is caused by use of chemicals, heavy metals in industry. Egirdir Lake receives untreated waste, agricultural pesticides, fertilizers and raw domestic wastes.

The research had 3 objectives: first describe the quality of water, second to identify of pollution, determine the interaction of source of pollution and quality of waters, samples were collected in two periods from 18 locations along Yalvac Stream and drainage canal.

Heavy metals from industrial processes can accumulate in lake; these are toxic to marine life such as fish and shellfish, and subsequently to the humans who eat them. Some of the toxins in industrial waste may only have a mild effect whereas other can be fatal.

Suspended particles in freshwater reduces the quality of drinking water for humans and the aquatic environment for marine life.


Heavy metals – Metales pesados

Pollution – Polución

Surface waters – Aguas superficiales

Ground waters – ¬¬ Aguas subterraneas

Egirdir Lake – Lago egirdir



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