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"Dan Goldman's drawing" Anthony Lappe

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Dan Goldman's drawing is primitive, but the whole novel is quite modern and attractive. Its blend of photographic collages and designs that refer to the computer screen or television, saturating the reader information as do the media, is absolutely clear and has a clear narrative intention in creating a very particular environment. Shooting War, drawn otherwise would have been a very different book. It's not fair to blame all the impact of the work to the script, when the drawing has so much to say and says it well.

Shooting War is a straightforward story, criticism, modern and documented on the situation in Iraq after the war involved between this country and the United States. Its writer, Anthony Lappe, is an experienced journalist specializing in issues of social criticism. For me, the author was journalist enough to turn his story into a story interesting and attractive, making his work more attractive.

The characters are anthropomorphic animals and accomplished visual metaphor that portrays the Jews as mice, Germans as cats and among them to Americans as dogs, French as frogs and Poles as pigs in a brilliant metaphor for the treachery of which felt against the Jews by their fellow citizens. This resource graph is just the beginning to the cruel narrative together, black humor and graphic simplicity, form a compact work, raw delightful, alarmist, direct, precious of that story that horrified by what counts, but more by as told by so aesthetic that express the truth of what happened in Nazi Germany.


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