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"Internship" story of two men aged 40 years

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"The Internship " tells the story of two male persons of 40 years who have a steady job which derive their income from life, this business fails temporarily forcing them to look for a different alternative for income and to have the luxuries that they were used , so decide what Google joining the company as interns for entry and work there .

As expected , people who want to work there are people of young age, with new ideas, enthusiasm and respect , so when these two guys try to enter many scoff at the fact that people are "old " for work, no bright ideas and consequences of his old job , so what they are entangled in a place of contempt and ridicule for trying to be young again.

in my opinion anyone can do anything, which matters a lot in interest and desire to put plus the ability to be able to do , however, one does not have much ability to do something does not mean it never can do, if he really cares he will with time but it will, at least I try , this is what happens to the characters in this story , they did not know to do what they should do , however , with gusto and tried of doing what many believed they never would achieve , besides that there is unfair competition, in which a group tries to eliminate the other teams as long as you get your place in the company , so that it is irresponsible and dishonesty.

all friends as there are good times and bad times , very bad times agregándosele , groups can work together and also have their differences and try to impose personal idea to be taken into account , another issue which in the film is this teamwork, so that an idea can be well structured requires multiple ideas, multiple plans and several executors, a single criterion is not sufficient , if not much , and as a team all comments should be welcomed as long as it is not aggressive or silly the results do involves taking implies having answers than if you raised is correct or not, your actions make your personality , your work, your being , so that no matter how old you are , a good idea with knowing a good charisma and conveys as much can be achieved to work , the most important is the relationship with other people and learn to work together with other projects to much praise .


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