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Overview of the Theocratic Ministry

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1. The symbolic altar is God's will in connection with Jesus Christ's ransom sacrifice. Because of this provision, the anointed are declared righteous and the "great crowd" is clean and pure in God's eyes.

2. It pictured God's temple his temple like arrangement for pure worship in our day. The temple vision is fulfilled during "the last days." when the priesthood is refined. This provided the Jewish exiles with a promise that pure worship would be restored.

3. It showed that the instruction by Daniel's parents and others back home reached his heart.

4. The tree initially represented Nebuchadnezzar as the ruler of a world power. Since the ruler ship extended “to the extremity of the earth,” the tree must signify something far grander. It also symbolized Jehovah’s universal sovereignty, especially with respect to the earth.

5. Even when we pray for the coming of God’s new world, in which “righteousness is to dwell,” our primary concern is the sanctification of Jehovah’s name and the vindication of his sovereignty instead than an end to our personal suffering and difficulties

6. The Law covenant was removed in 33 C.E. when Jesus was impaled. But the Abrahamic covenant was still undergoing until 36 C.E. Jehovah extended the period of special favor to the Jews on the basis of their being descendants of Abraham.

7. We can conclude that the angel was obviously not referring to Persian King Cyrus, who at that time looked with favor upon Daniel and his people, since a human king could have not possibly resisted a spiritual creature. Hence, it was referring to an agent of Satan, a demon. So there are invisible world rulers, demon princes, who share control of the world under the authority of Satan the Devil.

8. The one ‘standing up’ in this way proved to be the first Roman emperor, Octavian, who was known as Caesar Augustus. Augustus sent out “an exactor” by ordering a registration, or census, probably so that he could learn the number of the population for purposes of taxation and military conscription. Because of this decree, Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem for registration, resulting in Jesus’ birth at that foretold location.

9. Under the deceptive influence of alcohol, thoughts and desires that we normally suppress can begin to seem quite acceptable—if not inviting. Our resolve to stick to what is right can be weakened. Alcohol can undermine our moral defenses, resulting in spiritual disaster.

10. Sacrifices and offerings were required under the Law, but there was a serious problem with Hosea’s contemporaries. Evidently, there were Israelites who dutifully made such offerings in a showy display of devotion. At the same time, they were practicing sin. By their sinfulness they indicated that their hearts were devoid of loyal love.


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