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Conversacion En Ingles

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A. Hi, I´m Ms._________ from the room 200

B. Hello Ms.____________. This is room service.

How can I help you?

A. I´d like to bring up extra towels.

B. Let me check....

A. Ok

B. In five minutes you´ll have it.

Is that all?

A. Thank, Well I want a sap service, because I need a massage,

but I need to make the reservation.

B. Ok, I´ll make teh reservation today at 4 o´clock, it´s ok?

A. Yes, it´s fine.

And I need to comunicate to service Maxi Cars rentals

B. Ok, just a moment.....

C. Good morning. This is Maxi cars rentals

A. Hi! I´m Ms._____________. I need to rent a car.

C. what kind of car do you need?

A. a compact car, you have one available?

C. yes Ms._________. I have some of the latest models.

A. perfect, well I need for today, how it would be the rent?

C. would be $ 200 for 2 days, you will want?

A. yes sir, what time I pick it up?

C. our store is open from 11:00 am and close at 9:00 pm, you can go at any time within this schedule

A. well around 2:00 pm I picked.

C. would be all, right?

A. if it would be thanks, see you.


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