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11 Mentiras Del 11 De Septiembre

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There is still no official version on the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Did not open any judicial investigation on the attacks themselves or the lower parliamentary inquiry. There is only one version government gathered in a report by a presidential commission. Professor David Ray Griffin, author of a reference work in studying the report, found that text lies 115 listed here.

For every lie we refer to the analysis by Professor David Ray Griffin in his omissions and distortions of the Commission of Inquiry. The figures in brackets refer to the pages of the original U.S. edition of that book.

1. Omission of evidence that at least 6 of the alleged kidnappers air (including Waled al-Shehri, accused by the Commission of having stabbed a flight stewardess UA11 before the crash of the airplane against the north tower of World Trade Center) are alive today (19-20).

2. Omission of evidence about Mohamed Atta (pronounced as his penchant for drinking, for beef and pork and exhibits erotic lap dances or private) that contradict the Commission's assertions that Atta had become a religious zealot (20-21).

3. Voluntarily created confusion about the evidence that Hani Hanjur was so bad that the pilot would never have been able to achieve an airliner crash against the Pentagon (21-22).

4. Omission of the fact that the lists of passengers (flight Manifests) which were made public did not contain any Arabic name (23).

5. Omission of the fact that never before or after the Sept. 11, has been a fire that has caused the total collapse of a building with steel structure (25).

6. Omission of the fact that the fires of the Twin Towers were neither extremely large nor especially intense and lasted even that long compared to other fires in skyscrapers (structures) like without the latter collapsed (25-26).

7. Omission of the fact that, given the assumption that the fire triggered landslides, the south tower, which was struck after the north tower and affected by a fire of less intensity, it should not have been the first to collapse (26).

8. Omission of the fact that the building No 7 of the World Trade Center (against which there no planes crashed and suffered only a very small localized fires) also collapsed, a fact about which the Federal Agency for Management of Emergencies ( FEMA) confessed that he could not offer any explanation (26).

9. Omission of the fact that the collapse of the Twin Towers (and Building No. 7) has at least 10 features have been the product of a controlled demolition (26-27).

10. Assertion that the core of the structure of each of the Twin Towers was "a pit of steel vacuum", an assertion that denies the presence of 47-steel columns that were really the center of each tower. According to the theory of "stacking flats" (the "pancake theory") that explains the collapse, several tens of meters in these columns of steel should have been in place (27-28).

11. Omission of the statement of Larry Silverstein [the owner of the WTC] statement that Silverstein himself in coordination with the firefighters decided to "demolish" in technical language (to "pull") - the building No 7 (28).

12. Omission of the fact that the steel of the WTC buildings was quickly gathered from the crime scene and sent abroad by sea before it could be analyzed for traces of explosives (30).

13. Omission of the fact that the building No. 7 had been evacuated before its collapse, it implies that the reason was officially given as much as possible to expedite the collection of steel [in that place] (because there could be survivors under the rubble) no had any sense in the case of this building (30).

14. Omission of the statement of Mayor R. Giuliani who said he was warned beforehand that the WTC was going to collapse (30-31).

15. Omission of the fact that Marvin Bush, brother of U.S. president, and his cousin Wirt Walker III were directors of the company in charge of ensuring the security of the WTC (31-32).

16. Omission of the fact that the west wing of the Pentagon, [the same as it was impacted on Sept. 11], it was precisely for various reasons, which had fewer chances of being targeted by terrorists of al-Qaeda (33-34).

17. Omission of any discussion to determine whether the damage suffered by the Pentagon actually corresponded with the damage that could have led to the impact of a Boeing 757 moving several hundred kilometers per hour (34).

18. Omission of the fact that there are photos that show that the facade of the west wing collapsed not until 30 minutes after impact and that the entrance hole is too small for the diameter of a Boeing 757 (34).

19. Omission of all contradictory testimony about the presence or absence of visible pieces of a Boeing 757, whether inside or outside the Pentagon (34-36).

20. Complete absence of discussion to determine whether the Pentagon had a missile defense system capable of shooting down an airliner, even though the Commission suggested that the terrorists of al-Qaeda decided not to attack a nuclear power precisely because they thought that this would have that kind of defense (36).

21. Omission of the fact that images from different cameras (including those of the petrol station which is located opposite the Pentagon, confiscated by the FBI immediately after the impact) could help determine what was really what hit the Pentagon (37-38).

22. Omission of the reference of the defense secretary D. Rumsfeld to "a missile [used] to hit [the Pentagon]" (39).

23. Approval of the apparent answer, totally unsatisfactory, the question would know why the Secret Service agents allowed President Bush to remain at the school in Sarasota when, according to the official version, they should have thought that a hijacked airliner could have that same school as white (41-44).

24. Failure to explain why the Secret Service did not request an escort of fighter planes for [the presidential plane] Air Force One (43-46).

25. Allegations according to which at the time the presidential entourage arrived at the school [in Sarasota], none of the attendees knew that several planes had been hijacked (47-48).

26. Omission of the report according to which the Attorney General John Ashcroft had received a warning to stop travel on commercial airlines prior to Sept. 11 (50).

27. Omission of David Schippers the assertion that, based on


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