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The most exciting day of my life in the adventure park in Santa Elena

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The more exciting day of my life

The more exciting day of my life began a cold morning 4 years ago, my uncle gustavo arrived from Venezuela with his two sons and that day he decided to take us to an adventure park in Santa Elena.

The park was as big as a mountain and there was a lot of exciting things to do; one of them was climbing the biggest tree I have ever seen and "walk" between the trees following a rope, it was one of the scariest moments ever, because when I was following the rope I fell, thanks god there was another rope that they tied to me to prevent falls.

Then the guide led us to the mountaintop and showed us the canopy and told us "this is the longest canopy in South America", they throwed a rope between the mountaintop and its base and the idea was to use that rope to fall at high speed to the base of the mountain, this was so much scarier than the previous game, my uncle was the first I was the second one, I have to be honest, at the beginning I felt my soul getting out my body but at the end I really enjoyed the trip.

Now I can say that I have done canopy and it's awesome


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