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Ensayo "a golpe de moneda" ( en inglés)

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Is there really a circumstantial moral?






Juan Camilo García





Doc. Jacqueline Rodriguez











Carlos Holguín Lloreda

Santiago de Cali





Today we will cover a topic of interest to many people, which spin around a film "A golpe de moneda" which takes us to a moral conflict and calls into question our concept of good and evil, thus we will resolve doubts about what could be an act of rebellion, vandalism, theft or for many others, courage, heroes, liberators.
























Is there circumstantial moral?

The film takes us into the history of 4 teenagers who apparently have nothing in common, in addition to studying at the same school, a day like any other, received news that would gradually make them face the stark reality of a crisis, and only if they joined forces were going to get out alive.

Today we use fragments of the film "coup de coin" to explain more easily whether or not the situational morality, which allows us to deliver us or understand some cases of everyday life in which an apparently bad action is with u n good end, as example is clear film, because in her young people will steal the Mint in order to save his school, to this I mean, now think, once you done something? Any act to the "Robín Hood" or perhaps something less risky, perhaps lying some academic friend came out to be rid of a problem, I know that Yes, nobody gets rid of this, this is where comes the circumstantial Moral which is measured according to a scale of value q EU ourselves created, on the basis of 1 to 5 where 1 is low and 5 is high, and 5 a bad Act 1 a good Act, with this scale of values can make decisions much easier, because we will not have doubts about whether it is OK or is wrong , if decide to undergo our scale of values, the Act of 4 young people in the film what so high would be the percentage of malice of them? Would personally located them in a 2, as they are the beneficiaries that the robbery to the handicapped, and so, consequently, we may use this tool for everyday use, is matter of time perfecting it.


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