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How to gain knowledge

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How to gain knowledge

We would define knowledge as a skills obtained by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Considering this definition, knowledge could be gain from a theoretical or a practical perspective, meaning books or experience. It is difficult to define which one is better considering that both are relevant and meaningful for the learning process.

There are some advantages and disadvantages regarding these perspectives that might be important to review in order to do any statement.

• Books contain lot of knowledge which is a result of many years of research and evidence that is important to consider for new discoveries and challenges of the new era. For example, we cannot create the Television without basic knowledge on Micro electric. People through their reading could get a large amount of information on a short time and in that way they can understand different matters easily. For example if we want to access to any information about 2nd World War, we can just look up for some books to figure out different issues.

• Education is a right and an important tool for all the children around the world and this allow them to get the basic information to survive, live and enjoy this planet got from books and their teachers.

• On the other side life experience is also important in the process of getting knowledge. People tend to learn from their mistakes and failures in order to distinguish right from wrong. Even though in development countries there are many books that teach you about feelings or inner emotions they cannot teach you about many experiences associate with these emotions because they are subjective, personal and unique. For example in the US there are many books that teach you how to have more friends or how to get better time with people but they are not enough, because they depend on each person

• In the past people thought that Earth was flat, but it was concluded from observations, measurement and traveling that we are living on a global planet.

• There are a lot new inventions and new products which could not be found from textbooks such as internet, e-business, but they were useful.

• Medical students may know many cures, and have read many papers about lots of diseases, but they have to work as internships in hospitals for couple of months to gain experiences by themselves, and after that they will be certified as real doctors. But you can see it from the other side: they would never be in that hospital if they didn’t have the enough knowledge got form books and teachers at the university.

To conclude, if we only learn from one of these two sources, we cannot be able to deal with problems in our real life. So we need both to succeed and many others


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