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Five most important events in my life:

1. - In 2003, first part of a football team and was champion in 2004.

2. - In 2008 I made my first communion with my brother.

3. - In 2011 I graduated from high school and 22 high school wing but I wanted the school in July.

4. - In second half part of the football team in high school and were disqualified in the playoffs.

5. - In my second season of high school football we end wing against Alvaro Obregon school after a very good game that we gave at the end we lost.

Three dreams or goals in my life that I would like to:

1. - I would like to finish first at school with good grades

2. - After entering the career I want and finish with good grades and to graduate and make a master

3. - After finishing the race and the Masters want to go to work in Pemex's career I wanted

Three social problems that attract my attention and its solution:

1. - Global pollution: to stop pollution should first become aware of what we have to do even putting litter in its place and recycling what we can, and that would be a help from people.

2. - Animal Abuse: This is something that almost nobody takes into account but animals like dogs, cats and others are suffering major abuse and death due to over population of these not being cared for and the people he despises and forsaking and consequently die of hunger, disease and abuse.

One solution would sterilize and adopting animals.

3. - Insecurity: This I think is the most important issue now because so far not been able to find a solution but I think the solution would be to unite all against insecurity.


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