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extreme sports

  in my opinion these games are dangerous because in some one risks his life not knowing if you trick or what fence to make you go to work out such climbers climb take the risk of not knowing if they will return if they going to work out the trip or even they fear for their lives another sport that is dangerous for me is that there are motocross jumps are big races and competitors risk their lives giving these jumps just to win first place and that should not be so.

I feel that these sports also take them as a hobby or sports action or adventure. Some people turn these activities as dangerous not only for the person who is playing the sport but also for third.

  The phrase that I would add would be "life on the edge" because sometimes people are on the brink of death.

However, participation in extreme sports is positive in our lives, because it is a way to try new things and overcome our instincts. It also gives us something extra that we all need in our life to make it more interesting.

there are three main properties of dangerous activities that make them so appealing to some people. Research has found that the human brain is through evolution designed to adjust to rapidly activities. A brain that is in a state of action for longer periods of time would absorb too much energy and therefore work inefficiently. For example, when I take a roller coaster several times, you will feel less exciting with every time I ride that roller coaster. At some point of time in the roller coaster gave me, but it was exciting from the beginning.

Allan Chamalé


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