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Exámen De Inglés 4º

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NOMBRE DEL ALUMNO: ___________________________________No, AC:_____CALIF:_________GRADO:_3°__GPO:__

Match the situations with the pictures. Then, match the rules with the situations.

a) A friend invite to you to a party at night.

b) You arrive late to school.

c) You were absent at school because you were sick.

d) Your father gave you a cat.

e) You have a difficult mathematics exam.

f) Your cat is sick.

______ You must have a sick note from the doctor.

______ You must carry it to the vet.

______ You must wake up earlier.

______ You must take care of it.

______ You must study hard. ______ You must be early at home after the party.

_____________ _______________ ______________ _________________

________________________ ________________________

Create two posters with some rules in your home and at school and illustrate them. After that, read them to your classmates.

Rules at home Rules at school

1.- 1.-

2.- 2.-

3.- 3.-

4.- 4.-

5.- 5.-

6.- 6.-

7.- 7.-

8.- 8.-

Look at the text and answer the questions.

a) Who is the e-mail to? ____________________________________________

b) Who sent the e-mail? ____________________________________________

2. Read the e-mail.

Aurora's mother: Aurora, the dinner is ready.

Come, please.

Aurora: I'm going.

Aurora's mother: What are you doing?

Aurora: I'm reading an e-mail.

_ _ _ _ _ _



Subject: My new school

Dear Aurora:

I'm already living in Monterrey. My family and I are so happy. I want to tell

you about my new school. I like it very much because there are some

different things. I don't have to wear a uniform. Students can wear any

clothes they like but they have to be proper and clean. I don't have to prepare

lunch anymore. At school they give us lunch in the cafeteria. I don't have to

present exams but I have to do a project and present it to the class. I still

must be on time for classes. Also, I have to do homework but it is easy. I can

use Internet at school to look for information and do my homework or prepare

a presentation. I'm very happy at this school and I'm learning to be more



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