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Experimental Evidence on the nature of Prejudice

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Experimental Evidence on the nature of Prejudice.

1. Most people will acknowledge that the relations between different ethnic and racial groups are a potential source of problems for culturally diverse societies.

2. The experiment, which was conducted some time ago, sought to determine the potential effects of prejudice on the judgments of future U.S. schoolteachers.

3. These results may be interpreted as demonstrating the existence of a specific prejudice in the student teachers – a bias in favor of the language of white children. Because the English on the videotapes was identical, it is clear that the student teachers were basing their evaluations of the children´s speech on a previously formed opinion – that Mexican Americans and African Americans don´t speak English as well as white Americans.

4. Since prejudice is associated with insufficient knowledge, we often assume that we can reduce it simply by replacing ignorance with knowledge.

5. Thus, immediate problem seems to be the persistence of prejudice.

6. Yet, from what we have seen so far, one fact seems clear: finding a remedy for social prejudice will be a complex and challenging task.


When you know how to find a main idea, means that when you read, you are having a good comprehension of the book, etc.

Every person has their own strategy to find the main idea, so you can find the one that is perfect for you.

Once that you can do that, means that you are increasing your level of comprehension of English.


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