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13. Se comunica oralmente en inglés como lengua extranjera.


  1. Listen to a conversation between Annie, Ben and the new girl. Circle the correct answer.                (4 p.)

  1. This is a conversation between…   [pic 17]

A) family members                                 B) friends                                                                     C) acquaintances

  1. Ben is not good at…

        A) remembering faces.        B) remembering names.        C) remembering dates.

  1. Ben and Annie start the conversation…

A) talking about their weekend.           B)  joking about Ben’s intelligence.                          C) worried about the new girl.  

  1. Cornwall is located in…

   A) the south-west of England.               B) the south-east of England.                                   C) the north-east of England.

  1. Some places where the new girl is from…

A) aren’t very nice.                                  B) have names with strange pronunciation.           C) have nothing to do there.

  1. Listen again and mark the statements T (true) or F (false).                (5 p.)
  1. Ben always forgets everything.              T
  2. The new girl’s name is Mauree.        _______
  3. Annie doesn’t pronounce correctly Mouse Hole.        _______
  4. Pezance is located in Cornwall.        _______
  5. Newquay is famous for its warm weather for surfing.        _______
  6. The new girl gives Ben some tips when travelling to her mom’s hometown.        _______

14. Lee diversos tipos de textos escritos en inglés como lengua extranjera.


  1. Circle the correct option related to each image.                (5p)

[pic 18][pic 19]


[pic 20][pic 21]

  1. Read and circle the correct option to complete the text.                (4p)[pic 22]
  1. a. created                b. considered                c. conceived                        d. invented
  2. a. select                                   b. opt                c. prefer                        d. choosing
  3. a. living        b. growing                c. developing                        d. nourishing
  4. a. say        b. states                c. talks                        d. remind
  5. a. due to        b. because                c. nevertheless                        d. furthermore
  6. a. claims        b. presents                c. forces                        d. demands
  7. a. pain                                            b. misery                c. victim                        d. suffers
  8. a. thought                                     b. interest                c. ideas                        d. thesis


15. Escribe diversos tipos de textos escritos en inglés como lengua extranjera.[pic 23]


  1. Complete the sentences with the words in the list.                 (4p)

 it | calling | game | day | big | advertising |stage | what’s | product


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