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Proyecto Ingles

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This proyect is aboute six friends, 3 them estudied MBA, the other 3 estudied Normas Magister, one day in English class, prepare a trip. They named Dreams Trip, They talk aboute places to go. At end the conversation finally choose the place. The place is Rio Dulce. 3 Days later they take the bus and go to Rio Dulce, at arive probably 2 pm, they search a hotel, because they did not reserve a room in a hotel. Finally they found a room in a beautiful hotel. Then in the night they go to night club and look a much beautiful girls.

Dreams Trip

Leizer: Hi Selvin How Are You?

Selvin: What´s up Leizer, I´m fine and you?

Leizer: Fine too, look this is Mynor, maybe today returned to the city.

Selvin: Probably, come on, let´s go greet him.

Leizer: Ok

Selvin: What's up Mynor?

Leiser: When you came?

Mynor: Hi Selvin, Hi Leizer, I come today in the morning, but let´s go to English Class, the teacher comes close.

In the class room…

Mario: Hey Luis and Jose Daniel, are you finish the homeworks?

Luis: Yes I do

Jose Daniel: No I don't, I´m a finish right now

Mario: Ok, I prepared all night for the exam.

Then Leizer, Selvin and Lazer comes to class room.

Mynor: Hey boys, prepare for the trip.

Luis: Yes, tomorrow is?

Jose Daniel: No It´s not, it´s a Saturday November 30th

Selvin: Ok, where we go

Mario: City or Beach

Leizer: Beach of course, probably Puerto San Jose

Mynor: No, I propose, mmm Rio Dulce

Jose Daniel: Yes I like it

Luis: I like it too

Leizer: Ok, the places choose is Rio Dulce.

Selvin: Beautiful place, and beautiful girls



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