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Journey To The Center Of The Earth

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Similarities and differences is what drives a story and often gives it meaning. Jules Verne was a master of differences and similarities between characters to enhance his conflicts in the plot and displays his talents well in his novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth. The stark contrast between Professor Otto Lindenbrock and his nephew, Axel Lindenbrock, is evident throughout the novel, but also complimented with few similarities between the uncle and his nephew was well. Professor Lindenbrock’s was well as Axel Lindenbrock’s personality, optimism, and motivation will each be evaluated in their journey to the center of the Earth.

Professor Lindenbrock’s personality is very different from Axel’s. The professor is adventurous, and often looks to disprove theories of many famous philosophers. On the other hand, Axel is less adventurous and could be described as a follower. Often believing and following the theories of famous philosophers, Axel is more pragmatic than his uncle. The professor’s ego also rarely ever legs his admit defeat. Only on one occasion throughout the novel does Otto Lindenbrock admit defeat: when he chose the wrong tunnel to enter in the beginning, and his decision to cross the large body of water they encounter later on. Axel’s ego is not as stubborn as the Professor’s, but they still share some of the same Lindenbrock characteristics.

One of those characteristics being their optimism. Professor Lindenbrock shows great amounts of optimism and determination throughout their journey, and rarely accepts defeat. Like his uncle, Axel is determined and optimistic about their journey when it is going well. Unlike his uncle, Axel uses almost every excuse he can think of in order to ascend back to the surface. After Axel fell and almost killed himself, he exclaimed “…is the journey not over, then?” this way of thinking contrasts with his uncles relentless efforts to reach the center of the Earth when he responds “…rest today, and tomorrow we will set sail”. The professor uses the fact that Arce Saknuesem claimed to have reached the center of the Earth as means to continue the journey despite how long it would take if they had enough food and water to last. Differences in optimism and determination between the two characters rely on another factor, motivation.

The motivation of Professor Otto Lindenbrock and Axel Lindenbrock are what drive them to overcome their perilous journey. The professor’s motivation resides solely in his love for geology. Axel too has a passion for geology, but it is dwarfed by the professor’s. Instead, a girl by the name of Grauben is Axel’s motivation to complete their journey, which is why he used every excuse to return to the surface. Unlike Axel, Professor Lindenbrock is not distracted by the exterior world and his sole motive for reaching the center of the Earth is for scientific gain and self satisfaction. Otto Lindenbrock expresses this by saying,


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