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Interpretación De Textos

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Focus on historical and social variations in ways of reading emphasizes that interpreting of a social practice. Readers interpret informally when they talk to friends about books or films; they interpret to themselves as they read. For the more formal interpretation that takes place in classrooms, there are different protocols.

Meaning, intention and context

What determines meaning? Sometimes we say that the meaning of an utterance is what someone means by it, as though the intention of a speaker determined meaning. Sometimes we say meaning is in the text – you may have intended to say x but what you said actually means y- as if meaning were the product of the language itself. Sometimes we say context is what determines meaning: to know what this particular utterance means, you have to look at the circumstances or the historical context in which it figures.

“The meaning of a work is not what the writer had in mind at some moment during composition of the work, or what the writer thinks the work means after finished, but, rather, what he or she succeeded in embodying in the work.”

Meaning is an inescapable notion because it is not something simple or simply determined. It is simultaneously an experience of a subject and a property of a text. It is both what we understand and what in the text we try to understand. Arguments about meaning are always possible, and in that sense meaning is undecided, always to be decided, subject to decisions which are never irrevocable. If we must adopt some overall principle or formula, we might say that meaning is determined by context, since context includes rules of language, the situation of the author and the reader, and anything else that might conceivably be relevant, what enlarging of context might be able to shift what we regard as the meaning of a text. Meaning is context-bounded, but context is boundless.


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