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Creative Step Hotels Are Taking To Beat The Recession

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In this article the author starts with an introduction about how the recession has stimulated most of the hoteliers to use creative tools to achieve benefits and to drive sales.

A well designed website is the most cost-effective marketing tool any hotel can have, because they can benefit from having a world-wide web presence.

But, to get benefits from a website we need to promote it and manage it continually.

So the first creative step is “you may need to change your website paradigm”.

Hotels that believe in internet as a way to develop marketing strategies and understand that it requires promotional efforts will get the most out of it, for instance, including packages and special offers for visitors, they will probably achieve more customers.

Second step is “to promote reasons to visit your destination”.

People first choose a destination and then they choose the hotel, not the opposite, so it is important to give reasons why people should visit your location.

Third step is collaboration, two minds are better than one.

that means the importance of collaboration within the organization to develop a better hotel website.

The four step is to use revenue management techniques to keep your site current.

That means the importance of understanding and anticipating on what´s happening in the market to look for opportunities and using them to elaborate promotions on the website.

Last step is called “taking the mystery out of internet marketing”. If your website is properly developed, you will have a much bigger audience with lower cost per capture.

Beatriz García Cantalapiedra.


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