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Diez Principios De Appley

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   Principles of management have been suggested by writers as long as management has been written about. Any search for primary principles would lead at some point in the endeavor to the American Management Association. Few people have been involved as long or as intensively with the profession of management as its former president, Lawrence Appley. In his book The Management Evolution, Appley sets forth "Ten Commandments" as the most significant principles and truths applying to those engaged in leadership responsibilities. With his permission they are reproduced below.

1. Identify the people of an organization as its greatest asset.

2. Make a profit in order to continue rendering service (for profit-oriented organizations).

3. Approach every task in an organized, conscious

manner so that the outcome will not be left to chance.

4. Establish definite, long - and short-range objectives to insure greater accomplishment.

5. Secure full attainment of objectives through general understanding and acceptance of them by others.

6. Keep individual members of the team well adjusted by seeing that each one knows what is to be done, how well it is to be done, what his or her authority is, and what the work relationships with others should be.

7. Concentrate on individual improvement through regular review of performance and potential.

8. Provide opportunity for assistance and guidance in self-development as a fundamental of institutional growth.

9. Maintain adequate and timely incentives and rewards for increase in human effort.

10. Supply work satisfactions for those who perform this work and those who are served by it.10


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