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Calzado APC


Making the best footwear for men by innovating designs, the use of resources, the quality of our products and the best tech workforce keeping in mind the satisfaction of our customers and the market in general, valuing the company through the development of our people in harmony with society and the environment, to ensure continuous profitable growth.


By 2015 the company will Calzado APC fine men's shoe's largest country and we will be positioned in the market as the best in quality and design, opening new markets abroad and get more and more involved in these brand-level .


In the commitment to fully satisfy our customers, the quality in the express company Calzado APC by practicing the following principles:

1. Friendly service and efficient processes.

2. Practical innovation and cost efficiency.

3. Commitment to quality standards.

4. Labor union and integral human development.


Calzado APC is a company that transforms raw materials such as leather, polymers, rubbers, fabrics and other textiles through various production processes in order to make shoes, which puts us in the second sector of the economy.

Management and inventory control:

The management and control of inventories main function to determine the amount and kind enough input, in process and finished products or finished products to meet the demand for the product, thereby facilitating the production and sales operations and minimizing costs to keep them at an optimal level.

The investment represents inventories is a very important aspect for the company in financial management. Consequently, you should be familiar with methods to control with certainty and properly allocate financial resources.

According to regulations of the Law on Income Tax, companies are required to take some inventory system, depending on income expressed in his last statement.


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