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Homework Module # 6

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Subject: English III         

Homework Module # 6

Teacher: Gladys Esther Ortiz Alvarenga

 Student: Wilmer Leonel Izaguirre García

Account number:  201410010059

March 2018


Exercise 1 Look at the illustration.

Write 5 questions and answers using “how much?”.

Write 5 questions and answers using “how many?”.


How many apples did you bring?

I brought five apples.

How much bread do you want with you coffee?

I want no bread with my coffee.

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Write 5 questions and answers using “how much?”.

1. How much rice do we have?

We have a lot of rice.

2. How much butter is in the refrigerator?

There is little butter.

3. How much soup is in the pot?

There is a lot of soup to eat

4. How much meat is there to sell?

There is little meat to sell.

5. How much fruit do you need for the cocktail?

I need many fruits.

Write 5 questions and answers using “how many?”.

1. How many hamburgers are there?

Let's have seven burgers.

2. How many eggs are there in the house?

There are ten eggs.

3. How many tomatoes are there for the salad?

There are 6 tomatoes.

4. How many oranges are in the box?

There are 3 oranges.

5. How many potatoes do you have for soup?

I have a pound of potatoes.

Exercise 2 Write three sentences about your likes and dislikes. Then, write about what would you like to do and you wouldn’t like to do this coming weekend.



I like to dance and to sleep for hours.

I like to travel and to eat out.

I don’t like to cook.

I dislike long lines.

I would like

I would like to sleep this weekend because I’m tired.

I wouldn’t like to travel or go dancing.

I would like to watch TV and eat at my bed.

I like to cook lasagna.

I like the pi of cheese.

I like to travel and eat.

I don’t like to wash the clothes.

I do not like to clean the windows.

I do not like to see the dirty carpet.

I would like to graduate from college.

I would like to sleep much more.

I would like to go for a walk more often.

I would not like to wash the slab.

I would not like to be sick.

I would not like to get up early.

Exercise 3 Write make or do for the following sentences.

1.-I hate (doing/making) doing  the housework every day.


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