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According to Enrique Chaux ( a specialist and researcher at the University of Los Andes ), bullying not only affects the victim of abuse by creating depression, anxiety, insecurity, acts of violent revenge poor academic performance or even dropouts, but it also affects the assailant who might end up with further violent attitudes or/and even a criminal path.

Studies show that in Colombia, 1 in 5 students, is victim of bullying in whatever form it presents.

A study was made from 1,000 schools in Colombia where students had to complete a national test of citizenship competencies. Part of these questions included topics about bullying and families, neighborhoods and their own socio-emotional skills. All of these data gathered was combined with community violence and socio-economic conditions of all Colombian’s municipalities, which allowed them to perform analyses to pinpoint municipality- and school-level variables predicting school bullying. Higher levels of school bullying were related to more males in schools, lower levels of empathy, more authoritarian and violent families, higher levels of community violence, better socio-economic conditions and more beliefs supporting aggression. These conclusions might reflect student, classroom and school contributions because student-level variables were added at the school level. We can also conclude that neither poverty nor population density or homicide rates contributed to explaining bullying.

Bullying is not just an aggressor and attacked, it also involves a community. A good way to prevent bullying has to do with the role of parents. Many of them do not keep track of their children and their whereabouts. Parents should put limits in their homes and/or should stop mistreating their children because that leads them to mistreat others.


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