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the hunger games, This film is about what every year, in the ruins of what was once North America, is now the Nation of Panem, where are obliges each of the twelve districts to send a boy and a girl (both young) to compete in the Hunger Games. This is an elaborate entertainment (in partly) and it`s a scare tactic by the Capitol´s government. However The Hunger Games is a nationally televised event in which the “Tributes” (all the young boys and girls) have to fight with other competitors, but until only one survivor.

The dramatic story is based on a young girl named: Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), she has 16 years old, she lives in a region known as District 12, named: The Veta, which is the poorest district. She lives with his mother and sister, Primrose (Prim). He makes a living illegally hunting in these forest borders of his district and the sale of their catch in the Hob, the black market in District 12. She is forced to resort to her sharp instincts for to confront the other tributes whom has trained all their lives until to reach the age of eighteen.

Kat (katnnis) during her preparation gets help from Haymith, former champion, a little crazy man, crashed and drunk, but in the background is a good person.

The partner of Kat is a nice guy, named: Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) has 16 years old, born in the richest part of the area, the son of a baker. He is the male tribute chosen to represent District 12. Saved Kat's life when they were younger giving away a loaf when she and her family were starving, and has been in love with her since he saw her for the first time after 5 years at school but never had the courage to reveal it, until to the Games.

They must make difficult choices to survivor, twenty three tributes dies in the face of the test (game development). The battle is very bloody and finally Kat and Peeta are the wins the competition, and return their homes, more sad and tired and wanting to forget everything that happened.


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