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Stop Having Children

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Let’s stop having children

Throughout the years politicians and environmentalists have been looking for the solutions to global warming, poverty, crime, deforestation and many other socioeconomic and environmental problems without success. In spite of the proposals or ideas they have to solve them, it will not be possible to see real results unless the main problem is solved. Overpopulation is the overall cause of all the problems we have and it should be stopped if we really want to save this planet from what we have done to it. Stopping having children is the best way to fight against overpopulation and the problems it causes. By doing this, we will see benefits to the environment, to the economy, as well as social benefits.

The less people live on the earth, the less they pollute, and the environment would be the first one to thank this. Factories would have to reduce their productions due to the fall in demand and the greenhouse gas emissions at least would be less. All the carbon emitted by cars, lorries and motorbikes would be less too. But not just the air would be benefited, also the water and the soil, if half of the total population live on the earth, half of the human waste would go to the rivers. Moreover, just in Mexico, more than 10 million m3 of garbage are produced, so if we get to reduce our population, less garbage will be between us. Another important goal is to stop deforestation. Even more forests are deforested to build new houses, but we can change this being even fewer.

There are more than 7 000 000 000 million people in the world. Global economy would better if world population decreases. Regarding that many people need many houses to live in, that wouldn’t be a problem for a small amount of people. Also the demand of means of transport would fall and thousands of vehicles would be out of circulation. In addition to this food industry would have to decrease its production to feed just a few people and all that money would be invested in education or any other field.

Nowadays the levels of insecurity are high around the world, crime, poverty and diseases are and everyday headline on newspapers. If we were fewer, governments would have more control over the masses, the levels of insecurity would go decrease and the economic resources would be more than enough for a small group of people reducing poverty. It is known that a couple can give one single child a better education, feeding and medical attention than a couple that has two or more children, because of this, we should stop having children for a while and give the chance to the ones who are already here to enjoy a better quality of life.

To get it, a change of mentality is strongly necessary, following by a good initiative from governments of the world. Bearing in mind that overpopulation should be reduced and due to the benefits to the environment, economy and society, stop having


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